Our Partnership


About a month after we started RAD JOY, we heard of an opportunity to partner with a beautiful ministry in Reynosa, Mexico called Isaiah 55 Ministries. After many months of praying, talking, and waiting, we believe that it is time to move forward with them. Rick had the privilege to go to Mexico in April and really learn about the mission. Isaiah 55 Ministries exists to provide education, outreach, and reconciliation to the deaf and the disenfranchised.

Since they do have the same resources we do, kids that are deaf are often marginalized, and so Isaiah 55 works to teach them sign language, teach them the Gospel, and teach them vocational skills, so they can be productive members of society.

As RAD JOY has grown, we know that we cannot continue doing every single thing in our house and that God has called this ministry to be bigger than our family. We are overjoyed to partner with Isaiah 55 as they will take over some of our product production. This will be an incredible opportunity for them as they teach their students vocational skills as well as education of the Gospel. We are not sure of all the details yet, as we are continuing to pray and trust God to work those out. For now, we know that Isaiah 55 will work with Rick to create some of the crosses. We will still be praying over all of them and they will still be shipped from our house.

We are so grateful that God has given us this opportunity to aid Isaiah 55 in reclaiming the lives of these children. Thank you all for your continued support and prayers!!

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