All About The Surrender™ Cross

April 09, 2019

All About The Surrender™ Cross


One morning, as Rick and I sat in our Sunday School class, we began to discuss what we could give one of our pastors that was leaving our church.  We wanted it to be be something meaningful, but we struggled as a class to think of something unique that we could give to him.

All of a sudden, Rick remembered that we had a couple of old fence posts in our backyard that a friend had given us.  Immediately, God gave him the idea of making a cross with removable nails, so you could physically surrender to God.  

Even though Rick had never really worked with wood before, he went home and created the cross that we now call the Surrender™ Cross.




 1. As a gesture of prayer, asking God for release, you write your burdens down.

2.  Physically nail your burden to the Surrender™ Cross!

3.  When you start to worry, remember that God is in control and that He doesn't want us to carry this weight.  As you physically see the cross, let it be a joyful reminder that He has died for you and that He wants you to live in freedom.  (Matthew 11:28-30)  

4.  As your prayers are answered, you can take the sheets of paper off the cross and praise God for His good works!  We put ours in our "Faithfulness Jar," allowing us to go back and celebrate all the ways that God has been faithful!   (Psalm 78:4)



In 1 Peter 5:7, we are commanded:  "Cast all of our anxiety on Him because He cares about us".  When it comes to the stresses in life, we often say we are giving it to God, but in reality, we end up holding on to our worries without realizing the magnitude of the weight we are carrying.  So , how do we take on that lighter yoke and find joy in Christ?  

  • WRITE IT DOWN. When you write down your concerns, you are bringing them to the light. This gives you the opportunity to name these burdens, bringing them from the abstract to the concrete, and thwarting the devil's attempt to get a foothold.
  • GIVE IT UP.  As you pierce that nail through the paper and nail it the cross, it is powerful to remember that Christ Himself was pierced for our transgressions and that He died, so that we could be free. (Galatians 5:1)
  • BE REMINDED. Every time you are temped to "take it back from God," you can walk by your cross, and remember that God is holding your burdens for you!!  Experience joy each time you pass by this visual reminder of God's love. 



  • When we first started RAD JOY in 2016, we applied for a patent, and as of the end of the 2018, we hold a utility patent on the Surrender™ Cross.
  • Our Surrender™ Crosses are handmade from reclaimed wood.  We love the symbolism of the old being made new. Because each piece of wood is different, each cross is one of a kind. All Surrender™ Crosses come with pre-drilled holes and nails for piercing your burdens to the cross.  

  • Each Surrender™ Cross bears our signature mark of 3 lines representing the Holy Trinity.  It is easy to forget that we need God the Father, Jesus, AND the Holy Spirit.  This is a gentle reminder on each cross to be intentional in each prayer as we ask God, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit to move in our lives!

  • Since we are a family business, we aim to get our children involved as much as possible.  Each of our children write down special words on sheets of paper, and we blindly choose one and pray that word over your Surrender Cross before we send it to you. If you ever have any special prayer requests, please let us know and we would love to pray those over you as well. 

Rest in Him...He's got this!

 Photography: Forevermore Photography

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