My Quiet Time: All About Daily Joy

October 19, 2019

My Quiet Time: All About Daily Joy

Although I grew up in a Christian home and I can’t remember a time that I wasn’t praying to Jesus, my faith walk over the years has grown tremendously. About 7 or 8 years ago, I felt the desire to be more intentional in my time with the Lord and start a daily quiet time, but to be honest, I wasn’t sure how to do that. I spent hours researching and gathering ideas, and with time, I created a prayer binder to help give me a jumpstart and stay focused during my prayer time.

When we started RAD JOY, a friend saw my binder and told me that I should create a product out of it because she believed it would help many other women who have the desire to spend more time in prayer, yet they needed help in organizing and focusing their time. She planted the seed in my heart, and in early 2018, I felt a strong sense that the time was NOW. After many hours of prayer and collaboration with wonderful friends and family, the Daily Joy was born!

Daily Joy is not just a journal or a yearly calendar- although it does include both of those things!  It has several practical ways to focus your prayer time with the Lord.  We want the Holy Spirit to be your guide as you go through each of the 7 sections. These 7 sections include: Praise, Confession, Thanksgiving, Scripture, Supplication, Surrender, and Notes. 

One of the things that I love about using Daily Joy is that it’s flexible!! Since it is not formatted day to day, you can’t really get “behind.” On days that I have more time, I can slowly go through each section and on days that time is more limited, I can just pick a section to help me focus my time with the Lord!  Here’s some insight into each section...


One of my favorite things about the praise section is that it helps me begin my prayer time with focusing my heart on the Lord! We serve such an amazing God, and this section of Daily Joy is full of practical ways to show Him our worship!

When I start my quiet time, I look through the Praise Section, and choose one “way” to actively focus on God and His character. You can read through a praise Psalm, meditate on a name or character of God, sing, listen, or write down words to a praise song, or write a love letter to God. You may do this section as the start of your prayer time, or you can pull out your journal in the middle of the day and this section can help put your attention back on the Lord!! He is good and worthy of ALL our praise!!


The 2nd section in Daily Joy is Confession. At the beginning of each section, there is a supporting Bible verse and a coloring page. This is a space to slow down, be still and just meditate on God’s word. The Confession Section also includes a list of questions to help probe your heart and come humbly to Christ. As 2 Corinthians 7:10, “Godly sorrow brings repentance and leads to salvation and leaves no regret.” This is not a place of condemnation but instead FREEDOM as we release our sins to God and allow Him to comfort us!

The Lord calls us to confession, and the enemy wants us to stay stuck where we are.  Until the day we die, we will be learning and growing and moving closer to Him.  Don’t let the enemy attack and tell you are not doing enough. Instead, let the quiet voice of the Father draw you in.


The 3rd section of Daily Joy is one of my favorites—THANKSGIVING! The Lord calls us to be grateful in ALL circumstances, and we know that a thankful and content heart can truly change our perspective. In this section, there is a list of questions to prompt you and then 1000 spaces to write your gratitude list. You can also write your answered prayer requests in this section. Some days, you might be able to add just one thing and some days, the blessings may flow. We pray that this will help us intentionally thank God for all that we have!


 The 4th section of Daily Joy is Scripture! This is a place to meditate and memorize the Word of God. This section is divided by topics, so there are verses on grief, health, joy, and many more. There is also space for you to record other scripture to memorize.

As I read through my Bible, listen to a sermon, or hear a verse that stands out to me, I add it to my Scripture Section of Daily Joy, so I have verses by topic all together. I often times will use this list as I’m choosing a verse to focus on for the week!


Section 5 of Daily Joy is the biggest section- Supplication. Supplication is defined as the action of asking or begging for something earnestly or humbly- pleading with God with a humble heart. I absolutely LOVE this word and I think it beautifully defines our posture that we are taking before God. This section is organized into 3 different parts. 


The first part is Ongoing Prayers and it includes 31 focused words and verses for yourself, marriages, and children. If you are not married or don’t have kids, you can also pray for your future spouse/children, or for other important marriages and children in your life. This part actually coincides with our prayer cards for adults, marriages, and teens. As you pray each day, you can plug in your name or the name of the person whom you are praying for into the Bible verse. We hope this is a way to pray intentionally and specifically over different areas of your life.


In the 2nd section of Supplication, there are 12 monthly undated calendars, so you can start any time you receive your journal. This section was inspired by my sister, who is one of the biggest prayer warriors I know. She's one of those people who will ask you how she can pray for you, and then she checks in with you often. One of the disciplines that she did was keep a monthly calendar and write down different people to pray for each day.

I love this section because when someone tells me they need prayers for a doctor's appointment, important test or meeting, job interview, or any other area of prayer, I can go directly to my monthly calendar and write it down, and then each morning, I can be in prayer for those specific people.



After each monthly calendar, there are 4 weekly calendars. Throughout the years, I have tried different disciplines for praying, and I’ve found that I really like this weekly format. Each week, there is space to write out a Bible verse and something God is teaching you. Then there are places for you to write out specific prayers for you, your family, and others. This has helped me be specific in my prayers as I’m learning to listen to what the Holy Spirit is laying on my heart. Also, it’s a great opportunity for me to reach out to friends and family and be intentional in praying for them! 


The 6th section in Daily Joy is the Surrender Section. This includes perforated kraft paper where you can write your burdens down and surrender them to our Almighty God. If you have a Surrender™ Cross, you can nail your burdens to the cross. If you don’t have one, you can write it down, and release it. Our prayer is that this section will be a practical way to help you unload the heavy burdens of life and live in the freedom of Christ! By physically writing these things down, you are bringing them to the light and not allowing the enemy to get a foothold.



The last section of Daily Joy is the Notes Section!! In this space, you can write out notes from sermons, Bible Study, daily Bible readings, or anything else that you would like to write down! 

I read once that prayer was a reflex, and I just LOVED that idea!  There are so many GOOD areas of our life where we try to be intentional (working out, eating healthy, dates with our spouse), and yet we often think we don't have time to pray.  The reality is that we have time for the things that we make time for. Our prayer is that Daily Joy will help guide your prayer time. Let’s make time for HIM!


***You can click here to learn more about the heart of Daily Joy or purchase your own Daily Joy prayer guide.  ***


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