Our Story

"The joy of the Lord is our strength."

This has always been a Bible verse that we like, but now it's what we live for.  When we met at Fish Camp prior to attending Texas A&M in 1998, we had no idea where the Lord would take us.  Three children, seven different homes, and many blessings later, we got a big nudge from God to establish our company, RAD JOY.  Our mission is to create beautiful and purpose-filled Christian products that help others radically deepen their faith as they joyfully walk with the Lord.  Through our growing, excelling, falling down, getting up, trusting, clinging to Jesus, and surrendering, we are learning to experience Radical Joy!

We have a heart for spreading God's word and helping people in their personal walks with Christ. In the beginning of 2016, Rick was inspired to begin creating what we now call our Surrender™ Crosses. They are a way to release our burdens to God and rely on Him more.  We had been praying that God would open doors very widely or shut them very loudly.  On Tuesday, May 3rd, God answered our prayer in an unexpected way - Rick lost his job. 

We know that God wanted us to take a leap of faith and make this our full-time business and ministry.  This is not really how we like to work. We are perfectionists, "plan everything" kind of people, but when God says go, we go. So, here we are...clinging to Him as we begin this adventure together.  We know not what our future holds, but we take great comfort in WHO is holding it!  Thanks for sharing in our story!    XOXO, Rick and Jackie

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