How and why did you come up with the name RAD JOY?

The HOW was a series of coincidences…or so I thought. Growing up in the 80’s with the name Richard Alan Drew, everybody called me “RAD” and it stuck! The “JOY” came from chapter 1 of a study done in our family of Courtney McClure DeFeo's book and finally understanding that joy is a choice. I etched the words on a scrap of paper with a charred skewer used to light our fireplace. 3 letters over 3 letters seemed like a good balance for a logo. 

The WHY, as is usually the case, has much more bearing. Perhaps the first and most obvious significance is the R and J. Rick and Jackie. Looking further, it may appear that the R is above the J…but rather it is connected to it…through Christ. More significantly in my mind is that the R is supported by the cross and the J.

The real why, however, is what God wants for us: Radical Joy. When we unburden ourselves and allow the Son to do his job…we are made free to do ours. To emulate Him and praise our Father. It’s about the overflow of blessings and joy which blossom from within when we start to believe that He’s got this!

What inspired Rick to create Surrender™ Crosses?

Rick's mom is an artist and his dad is a businessman.  Not only is he a wonderful mix of both, but he also has the spiritual gift of service. He is a CPA and CFA charterholder and has been in similar roles throughout his college jobs and professional careers. Although he is gifted in the financial arena, it has been hard for him to not have that creative outlet professionally.  When he started making these Surrender™ Crosses, it was so amazing to see him utilize so many of his gifts from God. We believe that we should not waste our talents or bury them in the ground, but instead use them to glorify our Lord.  Our prayer is that these crosses bless your family as much as this ministry has blessed ours.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

If your order is in stock,  you can usually expect it within 5-10 business days. Custom orders, special requests, and preorders will take longer depending on current demand.  Please contact us for more specific timing.

What if I want to buy a product that is out of stock?​

Since many of our products are handcrafted, we are continually growing our inventory.   We will update quantities on the website as our inventory changes.  If you want to order a product that is not in stock, you can preorder it and we will then put it on our "priority list" to make and send to you. You can always contact us about more specific timing for shipment.  

Do you do custom orders?​

Yes, we do!!  Email us and let us know what you would like, and we would be happy to give you a quote.

​Returns & Refunds

We aspire to take care of our customers and want you to be satisfied.  If you do not love your product, please email us and we can exchange it for you.  Due to the fact that our Surrender™ Crosses and RAD Boxes are handcrafted, we do not accept returns. The buyer is responsible for all shipping costs.​

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