When Life Knocks You Down

December 19, 2020

When Life Knocks You Down

A couple of Christmases ago, Rick and I were getting ready to do a show for RAD JOY, and it was SUPER windy! Rick decided to run home and get some sand bags to hold our display down, and I did my best to hold the large wooden wall up.  Unfortunately, I turned around to do something and a huge gust of wind knocked over our tall wooden display filled with crosses and nails and it landed on my head.  Within moments, I dropped to the ground and as my head pounded and I saw blood dripping, I began to cry. 


The truth is despite the physical pain that I was experiencing, I was hurting inside.  Rick and I had been working so hard, and it was a physical example of what I had been feeling lately-- knocked down and discouraged.  The Bible says that the enemy seeks to kill and destroy us, and he definitely looks for opportunities when we are feeling weak.  He shouts lies in our heads and bullies us until we are discouraged and doubtful.


As I sat on the concrete that morning, I heard voices all around me, and then I felt hands on my face telling me not to worry and that she was a nurse.  One of the sweet workers, Jana, came over to me and helped take care of me for the next couple of hours!  God brought her to me just when I needed her!  


Although I was sore for several days and my head was aching, I was so grateful that it wasn’t worse, and I thank God for His provision and protection. Most importantly, I thank God that He never left me and He calmed my heart as well.  Through my community, He reminded me of His truths and promises.



If you are feeling knocked down today, I get it.  It’s hard when life doesn’t seem to be going your way.  I’m praying that you find comfort and peace in CHRIST alone.  He will give you true peace and healing!  



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