The One Choice That Made a Difference

November 19, 2020

The One Choice That Made a Difference

In the past months,  I have felt conviction about my personal use of technology.  I have found myself mindlessly scrolling and unfortunately, half listening to the people that I love.  This only leads me to a lack of connection with my husband and children and a loss of necessary sleep.

A couple of weeks ago, my husband, Rick, created an organizer to house all of our devices.  We started a policy of having our children put their tablets and computers to charge overnight.  Shortly after,  I realized I needed to make a conscious choice myself and put my computer and cell phone away at night as well.

After putting my children to bed and spending a short time catching up on emails and such, I tuck my phone and computer into the station in the living room, and then have some technology–free time.  I noticed that my husband and I've had more connection time and I find myself having moments of silence, which I have grown to really appreciate.

One of other big changes is in my morning routine.  For awhile now, I have tried to start my morning with my quiet time, but parts of my Bible study have been on my phone.  Too often, I become distracted by all the notifications that seem to be calling my name.  I end up either checking them really quickly or indirectly rush through my study to check off all the things on my list.

Now that my phone is in the other room and I have taken the Bible study off my phone, I have more time to just sit in the Word and be uninterrupted.

Our world seems crazier than ever now.  Having some "true" quiet time, not inundated with the news and opinions of others on social media has truly helped me have more peace and rest. 



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