One Vacation I Don't Want to Take

May 20, 2019

One Vacation I Don't Want to Take

As I've been preparing for the summer and trying to figure out how to balance being a working mom and stay at home mom, I have been looking over my schedule and trying to plan ahead.  I am excited about not having the same responsibilities- no strict bedtimes, no homework, no packing lunches, more time with family, sleeping in, and getting to relax in the pool.  

As I've been spending time with the Lord, I have really felt Him impress upon my heart NOT to take a vacation from Him.

My hubby, Rick, and I have been reading through Proverbs, and I have gleaned so much from these chapters.  Proverbs 14:5 reminds us, "The simple man believes every word, but the prudent man considers well his steps."  It it so important to "consider" how we spend our time, who we surround ourselves with, what music, TV, etc. we put into our hearts.

I think sometimes during the summer when our Bible studies come to a close, our life groups take off, and our small groups end, it can be easy to not make spending time in the Word a priority. I'm challenging myself and you as well--- let's NOT take a break from spending time with the Lord.

Sure- it's going to look different during the summer. Maybe we join some friends and while our kids play, we discuss a book of the Bible.  Maybe we set our alarm and try to wake up before our kids. Maybe we set aside some time in the morning where we read through the Bible with our children --without that crazy rush to have to be at school at a certain time.

Yall, I get it!  Sometimes, I just want to sleep in and I can get too prideful that I can handle things by myself, but the truth is- I can't do anything well without Christ.  I need Him.  It's through His strength and His power, that I will have the ability to be kind when my child asks for their 34th snack and it's only 10:15.  

It's not going to be perfect. We may miss a day, our time may be shorter, and our "quiet time" may be louder than normal, but my prayer is that we will be intentional and disciplined in meeting with our Father!  


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