Burden for Women

January 17, 2019

Burden for Women

About a year ago, I sat down with a friend and we both shared about what God had placed on our hearts --- mine being to create a prayer framework, which is now the Daily Joy™,  and hers was a new ministry that she was starting for young adult women. She asked me that day if I would speak at the ministry, and I told her yes!

Fast forward a year, and that talk that I agreed to is now next week!! I have never spoken at an event before, and I definitely have some nerves, but I have been praying that God would speak through me and that He would be glorified. As I was preparing, I wasn't feeling great about the direction I was going, and so I just kept praying! The next morning, Rick and I were doing our Revelation Wellness video and one of the instructors said something about burdens and platforms, and I knew that God was speaking through her to me!

My prayer is that God will not give me a platform from which to speak, but instead, a burden on my heart for what to share. As women, I pray that we would know God’s voice and take time to be still in such a distracted world. I have a desire to help others seek God through an intentional prayer time as well as continually throughout the day. May we recognize His faithfulness and share that with generations to come.  As we seek Him, I pray that we experience the true FREEDOM and JOY found only in Christ.


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