Watch Expectantly

February 12, 2019

Watch Expectantly

Each week, I write out my prayer requests in my Daily Joy prayer guide and choose a specific verse to focus on.  Sometimes, a verse stands out to me as I'm reading my Bible or during a sermon or sometimes God just lays something on my heart.



This past week, the Holy Spirit reminded me of something that I had shared with some women just a couple of weeks ago. This was the verse-



One of my absolute favorite things about the Bible is that it is God's LIVING word. I can read the same thing over and over, and it touches me in different ways depending on my unique situations.


January is always a harder month for me-- the unknowns always seem to loom over me, and most business owners will tell you that January for retail is just rough!  The devil often tries to discourage me and make me doubt what we are doing with our businesstry (business + ministry) of RAD JOY.


So, when the Holy Spirit reminded me of this verse, I realized that I had inadvertently begun to pray without hope!  Instead of remembering that I was praying to the God of the Universe- the God that could do ANYTHING, I prayed in a limited way.  If you are there now, I pray these words encourage you.


From this verse, I was reminded of 3 important things.

1.   "In the morning, Lord, You hear my voice"

How absolutely amazing it is that the Lord Almighty hears my voice!  He created the majestic mountains and every living creature, and yet, He wants that personal relationship with me!  I am humbled!



2.  "In the morning, I plead my case to You"

This is such a reminder that God wants us to come to Him openly and vulnerably.  Prayer is not about repeating  a group of memorized words.  Instead, we have the incredible privilege of pleading our case to our Father.  When I think of pleading, it stirs up words like "argue" "emotional" and "passionate."  God wants to know the depths of our hearts and He desires for us to share them with Him.

This makes me think of the story in the Bible from Mark 9, where Jesus addresses a father who has a demon-possesed son.   After the father asks Jesus to heal his son, he also expresses his doubt. Jesus replies, "If you can? Everything is possible for the one who believes."  The father immediately replies, "I do believe; help my unbelief."   Jesus heals the young man and reminds his followers of the importance of praying.

I absolutely love the honesty of this father.  Can you relate?  Lord, I know You can heal our family, this health problem, our finances, this past mistake, etc., but Lord, please help my unbelief!  What a beautiful example of vulnerability!


 3.  "Watch expectantly."

This 3rd part of the verse really got me!  We know in our hearts that God is faithful, but I really don't think our human minds can grasp that reality because we have never fully seen it.  As many wonderful people I have in my life, they are all going to let me down, and I'm going to let them down because we aren't meant to fulfill each other. ONLY GOD.  He is the only One who will never disappoint. 

If I look back at my life, I can see so many ways that God has been faithful.  He has opened doors and closed others, and yet He has always made good come out of everything. When we pray, this is the God we are praying to!  Therefore, we can pray with hope and watch expectantly.  Instead of thinking, "If You can," let's think, "I can't wait to see how You answer this one."  



I'm praying for each person that reads this- may we be encouraged to bring every prayer to our Loving Father and Counselor.  May we vulnerably lay our requests at His feet and watch expectantly to how He will answer us!


*I also shared a live video about this topic below!


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