Creating a Vision for our Marriage

February 19, 2019

Creating a Vision for our Marriage

Last year, Rick and I decided to get away for a couple of days to focus on some business planning and to just relax.  While we were headed to our hotel, I shared with him about this idea I had heard about called a Vision Retreat.  After looking around on the website, we decided to download the app and do it during our Staycation.

We worked hard over the next few days and didn't have much time to relax, but we came back more unified and empowered to move forward in our marriage, our family, and our business.  We quickly realized that this would become a new yearly tradition.

When 2019 began, we started planning for our retreat and were blessed to stay at a friends' ranch house.  Our sweet parents took care of our kiddos, so were were set!  We just returned from our 2nd trip, and I felt compelled to share about it. 



The Vision Retreat is led by Pastor Jimmy Evans though MarriageToday.  Pastor Jimmy breaks the retreat into 3 sections:  Where Are We Now?, Where Are We Going?, and  What is Our Vision?   What's really neat about it is that it's just you and your husband, and you can plan it any place or any time that's convenient for you.  They do suggest that you set aside a few days, so that you can work on one phase in the morning/afternoon, and then try to do something fun together that evening before you move on to the next phase.  This year, we weren't gone as long, so we didn't get to do that, but it was still wonderful!  

During the retreat, Pastor Jimmy has many topics (including things such as finances, children, extended family, sex, household chores).  He shares on that particular topic for a couple minutes, and then gives you and your spouse some questions to pray and talk about. 

At the end of the retreat, you create a vision for your marriage and for each of your children. It's so powerful to choose a Bible verse and establish a mission statement for your family!



Marriage is HARD.  Even when you have a great marriage, it still takes a lot of work.  Just as you do annual reviews in your job, it's important to make time with your spouse to assess and make changes as necessary.  As a married couple with kids, it's easy to get into survival mode and just keep going.  Having time to stop and create a vision helps you both continue to move in the same direction. As Pastor Jimmy says, "Good marriages happen on purpose."




Although it can be hard to sit down and talk through areas of your marriage that might need improvement, I can truly say this vision retreat is one of the most unifying things we have ever done as a couple.  The hard work truly pays off!

Before we left on our retreat, I prayed for our unity, and I was so excited to see God answer that prayer as we chose our family verse.  As soon as Rick mentioned this verse, I knew it was the perfect one: "His master said to him,"Well done good and faithful servant! You were faithful over a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Share your master's joy."  Matthew 25:23.    

This verse is our why!  When times get tough (which they do), Rick and I can remind each other of our greater calling- to be faithful to each other, our family, our business, and most of all, our God.  We will bring Him what we have and trust that He can multiply our resources. It's our greatest prayer that we can lead each other, our children, and others to be faithful servants to God!


Do you and your spouse go on a vision retreat?   I would love to hear about your experiences!! 

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