7 Meaningful Christian Easter Traditions

April 17, 2019

7 Meaningful Christian Easter Traditions

The holidays can be such an exciting time of year, but they can also be stressful when your list of TO-DO items seems increasingly longer.  I have found that there are simple things we can do during the Easter season to reinforce the importance of this special time.  I don't do all of these every year, but here are some of our favorite Easter traditions.

1. Easter Carols

Our family LOVES music!  Just like during the Christmas season, when we prepare our hearts by listening to Christmas carols, we now sing and celebrate "Easter carols" too!  Some of our family favorites are:

We also have a playlist on Spotify that is full of family Easter carols.  This is a free app, which our family has loved using!

2.  Easter Story Egg

I love reading my children this sweet book that helps them understand the Easter story.  It also includes a set of nesting eggs for each day of Holy Week, so each day as you read, your children can open up the next egg as they discover the importance of each day.

3.  Egg-cellent Conversations

In the middle of our kitchen table, we fill Easter eggs with conversation starters, and at meal times, we pull out an egg to focus our conversation.  Some of our questions include: 

  • What is your favorite Easter tradition?
  • What's your favorite Easter candy?
  • Why do we celebrate Easter?
  • What do you admire most about the person sitting to the right of you?
  • What's a character trait of God? Let's praise Him for that.
  • What's a way you have seen God's faithfulness this week?
  • What is one of God's promises?  
  • What do you need to surrender to God?
  • Jesus was betrayed by one of His best friends. Have you ever been betrayed?  Have you forgiven that person?
  • Why did Jesus die on the cross?
  • Is Jesus still alive? How do you know?
  • On Palm Sunday, everyone cheered and praised Jesus. He was surrounded by the "right crowd.   Do you surround yourself with the right crowd?

 4.   Tomb Eggs

As my kiddos get older, it's amazing how they never outgrow their love of egg hunts!   One tradition we've started is hiding tomb eggs, which are just empty eggs that remind our kids of the empty tomb.  They get SO excited when they find the tomb eggs!

It's also helpful to share the reason behind why we use eggs at Easter.  Eggs are given on Easter Sunday as a direct representation of the resurrection and life beginning anew.  There is also symbolism that as the bird emerges from its shell, so did Jesus arise from the tomb.

5.  Thank You Notes to Jesus

A dear friend of mine had her children write thank you notes to Jesus, and then nail them to their Surrender™ Cross.  I cannot wait to start this tradition!!

6. Incorporate your family in Spring Cleaning

Simplify and declutter your home!!  This is a great time to give aways toys and clothes to others that need it.  We use this opportunity to talk with with our kids about cleaning out the sins in our hearts and making more room for God.

7.  Bake Easter treats together.

Good memories are always made in the kitchen!  Here are some of our favorite traditions to create!

 What are some of your favorite Easter traditions?

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